Dear colleagues, ESAIC leaders Edoardo de Robertis, Kai Zacharovski, Frederico Billota,

In the light of ongoing aggression by the Kremlin that Ukrainian people are facing for a week now, I believe ESAIC should declare a stronger and unambiguous position regarding this war. Even though we can not do much and all the measures that are available to us are not likely to significantly change the course of events, taking more determined steps and strongly condemning the war is crucial right now for uniting and supporting the European community.

I am aware that the official statement by the President of the society has already been released, some measures and actions have been discussed and announced. However, with the support of Lithuanian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, I would like to suggest considering suspension of Russian and Belarusian national societies from all ESAIC activities. As much as we like and support Russian people who understand the horror of the Kremlin actions and do not approve their leader’s decisions, there has to be no exceptions. Sanctions against Russia and Belarus are inevitable and have to be as severe as possible to contribute to stopping the war as soon as possible. By taking this step ESAIC would show solidarity with the international community and strongly declare our values. Similar steps and measures have already been taken by many many organizations including International Olympic Committee, FIFA etc.

Declaring a strong opinion and shared values of freedom, peace and people’s well being would contribute for our society in showing leadership and intolerance of violence and aggression.
We know it’s not much but even the smallest part can be significant in the bigger picture.

Thank you in advance for considering our suggestions during these uneasy times.

Kind regards

Vilma Traskaite Juskeviciene, MD, EDAIC
ESAIC Council Member Lithuania