Lietuvos anesteziologų-reanimatologų draugija gavo laišką iš Slovėnijos kolegų:

Dear ESA representative of the anesthesiologists from Lithuania,
We are conducting a global research project (ethical committee clearance UKC-MB-KME-42/18) on pulmonary aspiration which has been endorsed by the European Airway Management Society and several societies of anesthesiologists. The survey is being led by Marko Zdravkovic, a PhD candidate at the University Medical Centre Maribor, Slovenia.
The fully anonymous survey is very short – as one participant kindly reported: I enjoyed completing your survey: quick, painless and interesting. The results would shed light on current training and practice of pulmonary aspiration prevention globally.
So far we received over 5,000 responses from over 125 countries, out of which 25 already reached the target response rate. This is an opportunity for each country to contribute their experience.
We have managed to receive very few responses from Lithuania. Therefore, I would kindly ask if you could spread this link with Lithuanian anesthesiologists (both residents and specialists/consultants):